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Easy, on-the-go outfit style with a Vintage Ralph Lauren Over-sized Blazer

I'm the first to tell anyone that my sense of style is average at best. I saw this vintage Ralph Lauren tweed overcoat for $25 and had to have it - knowing I have zero-to-no sewing skills. Truthfully, I originally purchased it for my husband to wear to work, but after trying it on...I realized this jacket was meant to be mine.

Paired with a few items from Amazon (linked below), this outfit is easy and quick for when I feel -unwell- and want to look like I have my life together. This is a men's blazer, so I decided to cut the shoulder pads out. This post will not be a tutorial for removing shoulder pads from vintage designer clothing...because I definitely made it up and I went a long and did not do a great job. But, from the outside, it's fine - just don't get too close.

Here are the accessories I paired this jacket with (all from Amazon - links are affiliated but reviews are my own).

  1. Staple Black Bodysuit I live in this thing. 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex gives it the perfect amount of stretch without feeling like I'm wearing a swimsuit or workout gear. I wear this bodysuit constantly - it's so easy to dress up or pair with sweats for a casual, everyday look.

This watch band upgrades every outfit I'm wearing - even when I'm hair-up, sweatpants, chilling with no make-up on. Easily adjusted and budget friendly.

Alexa, play Drake.

Okay, hear me out. These are as comfortable as pajamas, I will die on this hill. The distressed details are subtle, so I don't feel like I'm trying too hard, but still look put together - especially considering I got ready in 5 minutes with two kids on my hips 9 out of 10 times.

My crossbody was a thrift store find (Valentina, Vintage), but this lovely bag by Fossil has many similarities. It's smaller than I've usually carried ( bags), but I can still fit all the necessities. Classic staple. I would marry this bag. Too much? Okay.

5. Vintage Ralph Lauren Oversized Blazer

If you haven't checked out the inventory on Unclaimed Baggage's online store, please do immediately. I do feel bad that these people lost their luggage...but it also curates joy?

Outfit planning is really helping me reach my goal of dressing better in 2023. Thanks for reading!


Liz Prilla & Co. Any styling tips?

Favorite vintage find?


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